bible tabs line-up

Welcome to the Bible tabs information and line-up page!! Here are the facts:

  • About the designs:
    • I currently have 5 designs available for pre-order.
    • Some designs have multiple color ways!
    • Below is the breakdown of each design.
  • About the tabs:
    • Tabs are $18 w/shipping and $15 for local pick-up.
    • Tabs are optionally reposition-able, making them page-friendly (for most Bibles).
    • They are 1.25 inches long.
    • You will receive 66 tabs, one for each book of the Bible.
  • About the pre-order:
    • For the initial launch of these tabs, I will be holding a pre-order. Please visit THIS PAGE for pre-order information!

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the products pictured below are prototypes, printed purely for illustration of the design. The final tabs will have a slight color difference and will be printed on a higher-quality tab.

  • The only final tabs pictured below include: Floral - Color, Delicate, Wavy - Muted

delicate tabs

9 different designs

demonstration of repositioning the tab!

dainty & delicate

nice & neat

floral tabs


available in 2 colorways


a unique design for each category of the Bible

a neutral lovers dream!!

another flip-through

my personal Bible

** please note neutral tabs pictures were printed on prototype paper.

solid tabs

available in 5 different colors & 2 different fonts!

beachy font

a simple, clean, dream

sans-serif font

beige, blue, pink, purple, sage

** please note all tabs pictured were printed on prototype paper.


western tabs

available in 2 colorways

9 different western-inspired designs

a quick flip-through


** please note all tabs pictured were printed on prototype paper.

close-up, please!!

Wavy Rectangle Shape

wavy tabs


available in 2 colorways


9 different color combos!

bright, fun color combos

** please note bright tabs pictured were printed on prototype paper.

lower contrast color combos